Khan Academy: The Future of Education?

Recent postings have questioned whether college is a lousy investment and predicting that college would be free in ten years .   Along this topic, I feel Khan Academy is one of the coolest websites today.   Khan Academy offers online courses in Math, Science, almost every subject you would learn about in school – all for free.  They envision the future world of education to be one where lectures and homework are reversed.  In other words, the child receives the lecture by themselves at home (via these free videos), and they in turn work on problems (i.e. traditional homework problems) while sitting in the classroom with a teacher who serves to help them when they get stuck.  Brilliant in its simplicity and sure makes sense to me.  Change, particularly by those who profit by the status quo, is always fiercely resisted.  This video is a CBS 60 Minutes segment featuring Khan Academy.  It is only 13 minutes long and will give you a good idea of how it all works.  The website is also worth visiting or sending your child to should their homework prove difficult.  Enjoy.

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